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Andy RapsonAbout: Fish, Tanks and Ponds (aka - Andy Rapson)
I've been interested in fish for about fifty years and I have kept many different species in that time. I written many articles about fish keeping for several fish keeping publications and websites. I have worked in the fish trade running my own fish shop and I am a Fishbase collaborator. I'm mainly interested in fish husbandry, fish health, native marines and aquatic photography.

Did you know?

Fish scales are sometimes used in the manufacture of lipstick.

Sharks have eyelids which they close to protect their eyes when they attack.

Some Pupfish live in water which is 45°C a temperature which would kill most other fish.

Fish have been living on Earth for more than 450,000,000 years.

Lungfish can live out of water for several years.

Seahorses are one of a very small number of fish which swim upright.

Fish were the first creatures to evolve with a true backbone.

An Electric Eel can generate 650 volts of electricity.
Enough to stun or even kill a horse, although the shocks are mainly used to stun prey and for defence.

There are more species of fish alive today than species of amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds put together.

A fully grown female Sunfish, Mola mola will lay up to 300,000,000 eggs in a single spawning.

The worlds smallest fish Paedocypris progenetica is also the worlds smallest known vertebrate. Adults measure just 7.9mm in length.

Four eyed fish have eyes which can see both above and below the water surface at the same time. They really have just two eyes but the pupils are split giving rise to their common name.

The Devils hole pupfish, Cyprinodon diabolis is possibly the worlds rarest fish. Found only in a geothermal (92 °F or 33 °C), aquifer-fed pool within a limestone cavern, in the Armargosa Pupfish Station of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge Complex east of Death Valley National Park. The population varies from just 90 to 120 specimens.

Some vegetarian fish species, often lack teeth in their jaw but have a tooth-like structure in their throats called pharyngeal teeth. This structure grinds their food up in much the same way as regular teeth.

If a Tuna stops swimming, it will suffocate. Because unlike the majority of bony fish it cannot pump water through its gills and has to swim with its mouth open so that water passes through the mouth and over the gills. This is called ram ventilation. This method is also used by some sharks.

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