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Ammonia cycling calculator


Ammonia calculator
Required ammonia level: The normal recommended value is 4mg/L or 4ppm.
Existing ammonia level:  mg/L or ppm
Tank volume: Litres only
Ammonia strength: %
Add: mL of the ammonia solution


How much ammonia

A new tank needs to go through an important step referred to as cycling to make the tank safe to add livestock. There are many different ways to do this as outlined in our article Maturing an aquarium (Cycling). One of these methods is to add household ammonia solution to the tank and then wait until the required bacteria multiply to process the ammonia and nitrites in the tank. Once this is complete it will be safe to add fish.

This calculator will only accept tank volume in Litres. If you are need to calculate the volume of your tank please use one of the following links: