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Fish, Tanks and Ponds
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Image Thieves - named and shamed

Is it really too much to ask that you credit MY photos if you use them? The following sites seem to think so.

If any of the sites listed decide to properly credit or remove my photos from their site let me know ( and I'll remove you from this list.

Tropical Fish

Do they honestly think that flipping a photo through 180 makes MY photos unrecognisable or makes them their own work?

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MY photos are NOT for commercial use. This site even adds their own copyright notice.


To many to list, and the images are hot linked. They claim to have a special form for copyright issues but they don't it is simply a ruse to try and frustrate any rightful image owner from retrieving their property.

Another site taking lots of images from other sites, again no credit and then offering the photos as free to use. They also try to make the rightful owners of the images jump through hoops in order to reclaim their property.


Hundreds if not thousands of stolen images with no credit given.

Aquarium Life
Every photo used in this article stolen from this site.

Just one example.