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Fish, Tanks and Ponds
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Rock pooling safety

If you fall on these, it's going to hurt!!!


Rockpooling is great fun but it can go horribly wrong if care isn't taken. Jagged rocks, slippery seaweed and changing tides are a potentially dangerous mix.
Safety is mostly down to common sense really. There are several points worth mentioning because every year people need to be rescued or need first aid simply through ignoring a few basic guidelines.


Be aware of the tide and the tide timetable. Make sure that you keep an eye on incoming tides and always make sure that you have an escape route open to you. Basically make absolutely sure that you don't get cut off from land at any time.


Wear good strong shoes/boots with good ankle support and good grip soles. It is all to easy to fall on slippery seaweed or to twist an ankle while out on the rocks. Don't get out of your depth and attempt anything risky, help may be some time away and with an incoming tide...

Sun block

Often overlooked but spending a day out on the rocks in summer, especially in places like Cornwall can and does lead to serious sunburn. Wear a hat and keep exposed skin well treated with a waterproof sunblock.


There is safety in numbers. Having someone with you is makes everything more enjoyable and greatly increases safety. In the event of an accident a companion can quickly alert others and see that help arrives.