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Neonoemacheilus labeosus

Neonoemacheilus labeosusNeonoemacheilus labeosus
Photos by Andy Rapson


Neonoemacheilus: Greek, neos = new.
nema: Greek,= filament.
cheilos: Greek, = lip labeosus: The Latin labeosus means with thick lips

General Notes:

Neonoemacheilus labeosus is a little known loach from Asia where it lives in fast flowing streams which are very well oxygenated. In captivity good water quality with a high oxygen content is essential. Good filtration and regular water changes are necessary to achieve this.
Their aquarium should have a fine sandy substrate with some smooth water worn stones and bogwood for hiding in.
Neonoemacheilus labeosus comes from exposed shallow streams and so their aquarium should be brightly lit in order to replicate this.


Small aquatic inverts make up the bulk of the natural diet. In the aquarium live or frozen blood worms, daphnia, brine shrimps, cyclops along with suitably sized sinking pellets will ensure a good diet.




There are no external differences between the sexes.


No reports of aquarium breeding.

Wild status

IUCN Redlist - Least Concern. This fish is known only from the Salween basin and not India as reported. It is thought to be common throughout its range. Some of its range is affected by destructive fishing by the use of dynamite but the overall population is stable.

Additional information

Distinguished from N. peguensis, its only congener, by the following characters: caudal peduncle depth 9.5-11.2% SL, 1.2-1.8 times in its length; 8 1/2 branched dorsal rays . Very thick lips surrounding a pre-oral cavity on the posterior top of which the mouth is situated .

Information at a glance

pH: 6 - 7.5
dGH: 4 - 12
Temperature: 22 - 26°C (72 - 79°F)
Diet: Omnivore
Size: 7cm (2.75in)
Min tank size: 60 litres
Difficulty level: Moderate
Aquarium type: Community
Swimming level: Bottom

Distribution and habitat

distribution map for Neonoemacheilus labeosus

Origin: Salween basin, Myanmar and Thailand

Habitat: Fast flowing streams.


Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Cypriniformes
Family: Nemacheilidae
Genus: Neonoemacheilus
Species: N. labeosus

Other common names:

Noemacheilus labeosus,
Nemacheilus labeosus,
Noemacheilus assamensis