Fish, Tanks and Ponds

Fish, Tanks and Ponds
A comprehensive guide to fish

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Livebearers and killifish

Barbs, Carps, Loaches, Rasboras

Other orders
Knifefishes, Gars, Bony tongues, Rays
Anglerfish, Scorpion fishes and Pufferfish & allies

Perch-like including Cichlids


Are you sure? - some fish NOT to keep
At least not in the average home aquarium
The fish in this section cannot be housed satisfactorily in most domestic aquariums, unless you have the specialist knowledge or in some cases the huge resources required, please don't attempt these species unless you are one of the very few with adequate space and knowledge.

Native (UK) Marine fish
Temperate marine fish
Lepadogaster purpurea, Cornish clingfish Gobiusculus flavescens, Two spot goby Symphodus melops, Corkwing Wrasse
Native marine fish are being kept in an aquarium by more and more people and although there is a lot of information about their natural history there seems to be very little about their captive care. It is for that reason that we hope to build up this particular section.

Our fish ratings:

Easy - Fish are generally very hardy and adaptable with few demands. Most individuals will adapt to captive care very well.

Intermediate - Fish are generally hardy with just a few special few demands. Most individuals will adapt to captive care very well

Difficult - Fish are likely to require a little more specialist knowledge and may be more demanding about their environment.

Very difficult - Fish do not generally acclimatise to captive care very well. They are very demanding about their environment and care. They are only recommended for someone with a specialist knowledge.

Do not keep - Ignore this at your peril. Fish in this category should be avoided, They almost never thrive in captivity even with specialist care. Almost all specimens die prematurely.


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Marine Fishes: 500+ Essential-to-know Aquarium Species by Scott W. Michael
Tropical Fish by Braz Walker

ICUN red list of threatened species